FirstClassMedical’s primary goal is to give our patients nothing but the best.

Our experience shows that someone looking for medical help abroad is doing so for a good reason. They need medical help of some kind that is either not available or is out of reach in their own country due to logistics, quality or reliability.

Knowing this, we focus on finding our patients the best available help within Germany’s high performance health system: we find the right specialist, the right clinic or treating facility, and the best available diagnostic for your medical problem. If there is a possible way to treat your problem, we will find it for you.

Our medical team, consisting of medical doctors and experienced case managers, review all incoming requests. Based on the provided information we evaluate your case individually and assess the needed competences. We then get in contact with the matching specialists and facilities that can provide the needed resources and expertise for your medical case; and we discuss with them the most appropriate course of action to restore your health and wellbeing.

We will revert to your request as quickly as possible with the provision of a treatment proposal: this will set out the costs involved, the specialist who will take care of you and an example of the planned diagnostic and treatment plan. By our medical team comparing two or three treating contracts from different hospitals we can determine the best option for you in terms of cost and quality of treatment.

Upon accepting our treatment proposal, you and your travelling companion/s can avail yourselves to our additional services (see “We offer additional services” below). 

Other international offices are part of a single clinic or a clinical group of companies. This reduces their resources and available capabilities to their own facility; thereby they can only offer the one product they have. Even if it is a good medical service they offer, compared to other treating facilities it may not be the best available or it may be overpriced. 

FirstClassMedical is not bound to a single provider. We have developed an extensive network including a wide variety of clinics, diagnostic centres, treating and rehabilitation facilities and specialists for all medical needs. We know their capabilities and the quality of their patient handling and service and we know what they charge. Therefore, we are able to compare, validate and find the most realistic price for the best possible result. 

International offices of a single provider end their service to the patient after their discharge from the hospital. As needed medical treatment often does not end there, particularly when follow ups or rehabilitation measures are needed, patients are often left without their medical problem being fully solved. FirstClassMedical is there for our patients even after discharge. Our medical team and case managers, who are assigned to the case from the outset, are available 24/7 for outpatient care and the coordination of any follow up medical needs. When necessary they visit patients where they are accommodated or at their follow up facility to ensure patients are fit to fly back home. By offering this service, we are able to reduce the amount of admission time together with associated costs, as we shift, where possible, expensive inpatient care to more comfortable and cost efficient outpatient care. 

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In summary, it maintains the highest medical standards due to the healthcare infrastructure that has been developed over decades of unprecedented achievements in education and research, and making use of the finest German made medical equipment available. However, as in any healthcare system in the world, some medical facilities perform better than others do, and it is our responsibility to distinguish between the available services to provide you with the best options available. 

FirstClassMedical is able to handle even the most complicated cases as our medical team has the ability to identify the best possible specialists and treatment available for difficult diagnoses, in conjunction with advice on the most efficient facilities for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. 

Getting well often means more than receiving medical treatment as an inpatient or outpatient. Travelling to a foreign country often comes with some challenges in coping with daily life outside the healthcare system. FirstClassMedical anticipates these challenges and we are able to assist with transportation, accommodation, translation, entertainment or any other specified need. We also have reliable partners to solve any travel related issues.

We provide a 24/7 hotline through which you and our patients can communicate any issues that need to be addressed. We pride ourselves not only on being problem solvers, but also on providing the much needed liaison services to bridge the gap between hospitals’ protocol and patient knowledge of these. The complex structure of a healthcare system often creates confusion for the unaccustomed patient. We have competence personnel to provide the necessary link between the patient and the various levels of medical staff to ensure that the admission process runs as smoothly as possible, and that the patient’s stay at the facility is comfortable. 

As we operate from one central office, we can provide you with fast, up-to-date feedback on the status of your request, any planned procedures, costs involved, possible alternatives and needed administrative support. Getting it all out of one hand means nothing but having access and control over anything that is going on. 

As the German accounting system for non-elective treatment and therapy is Diagnosis Related Groups (DIG) based, which is a complex calculating system for accumulated services, we cannot give a precise estimate of the costs involved as these vary greatly depending on the individual needs of a case. 

The procedure for non-elective cases (acute medical problems) is firstly that we request a comprehensive medical report on your condition from your treating physician. Based on this, we find the most appropriate facilities available. Depending on the case, we usually provide you with one to three possible treatment contracts with differentiated cost estimates. Using our experience and medical expertise, we take care that our pre-selection presents the best possible offers available for your particular health issue.

For elective treatment such as plastic surgery, we can provide you with the possible price range and offered services for you to choose the facility that best suits your needs. Being independent, we are able to compare delivered services and prices from a broad variety of providers to find the best service for the most realistic price. 

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